How To Massage Prostate

How to Massage Prostate Gland: Overview

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Learning how to massage prostate gland properly isn’t the easiest thing in the world. There are a lot of things that you need to learn about the prostate and there are some fairly expensive prostate massage toys that you’ll almost definitely need to buy. It may seem like it’s not worth the effort to figure out how to massage prostate gland. If that’s what you’re thinking, you should really think it through. I mean, let’s be honest, as men we spend a good amount of our time focused on sex. If we could, we’d be having sex nonstop. So why not make the sex that you do have the best that it could possibly be?

By learning how to massage prostate gland, you’ll gradually be “awakening” your prostate. What this basically means is that your prostate will continue to grow more and more sensitive as you keep experimenting with new ways of how to massage prostate gland. After awhile, even when you’re having sex or masturbating without a prostate massager, you’ll still feel the added pleasure of prostate stimulation.

In addition to the increase pleasure, your body will enter a state of heightened sexual drive. You’ll find that your libido will increase, your erections will be bigger and harder, and you’ll be able to last longer during sex. Think about it – a lot of men takes prescription drugs or try crazy treatments and surgeries to get those same results. Why waste the money and take those risks when you could just learn how to massage prostate gland? Plus, we all know that when you feel more virile it improves your self esteem and overall happiness as well. It’s just so amazing, I almost pity those guys out there who haven’t discovered prostate massage or are unwilling to try it. They’re missing out on so much!

How to Massage Prostate Yourself: Advanced Concepts

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Perhaps the wildest thing about learning how to massage prostate yourself is that there are always new ways to improve the experience and reach new levels of intense pleasure. A lot of this has to do with the PC muscles, which are the muscles that control the anal sphincter. As you continue to learn how to massage prostate yourself, you’ll find that these muscles will grow stronger over time. It will be subtle and barely noticeable at first, but if you actually concentrate on manipulating them you’ll notice that you can do so much easier than you could have before.

Now what does this actually do for you? Well, it won’t do a whole lot just on its own. In order to really take advantage of having stronger PC muscles, you need to have the right prostate massager toy. If you have something like the Aneros MGX or Aneros Progasm, then you’ll find that those toys are already so large that they don’t really have any room to move. What you need is a smaller toy like the Aneros Eupho. This advanced prostate massage is instrumental in learning advanced methods of how to massage prostate yourself. By no means should you try to jump into it with the Eupho right away – you’ve got to work your way to it.

Once you’ve spent some time learning how to massage prostate yourself, you can move on to the Eupho. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it will be to achieve the ultimate orgasm using a toy like this. And again, your muscles will just keep getting stronger which opens up even more possibilities. For instance, a lot of men have been able to feel intense pleasures from simply flexing their PC muscles, even while they’re doing something non-sexual like driving to work. Definiately makes all the work of learning how to prostate massage yourself worth it!

How to Massage Prostate Video

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Most things you read about prostate massage are pretty self-explanatory and can definitely help you get started with prostate massage. That said, I can understand that a lot of men out there might have a hard time learning from a simple text guide like this. If you’re one of those guys, you may be looking for a “How to Massage Prostate” video. If you’re looking for a “How to Massage Prostate” video there are a few different options you can try.

If you’re looking for a purely informational how to massage prostate video, then a simple internet search may turn up some helpful results. These videos are often full of scientific information that may help you to better understand what prostate massage is and how it works. However most video that you can easily find are going to be fairly tame in terms of what they actually show in the video. If you’re looking for a more “hands on” how to massage prostate video, then you may need to look elsewhere.

When I was looking for a how to massage prostate video, I actually found a DVD that was produced by the Aneros company, the same company that makes a lot of really good prostate massagers. It seems like the kind of thing that would be packaged with one of their products, but it was actually sold separately through a website that sold adult DVDs. Anyway, I checked out this video and it was actually quite well done. It still has a lot of the great information found in other prostate massage instructional videos, but it didn’t shy away from the pornographic side. You could very clearly see how the prostate massage with the Aneros Progasm was performed and you could definitely see how much the recipient was enjoying it!

How to Do Prostate Massage and Get a Super Orgasm

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Chances are that you already know how to do prostate massage in order to improve your sex life and get better orgasms. That’s definitely awesome, but there is more still to learn. The next thing that I want to talk about is how to do prostate massage in such a way that you get the ultimate orgasm. What does that mean exactly? I’m talking about learning how to do prostate massage so that you’re literally having an orgasm for five minutes straight – and that’s just for starters. Once you’ve mastered the technique you may be able to hold it out for a half hour or longer.

The basic technique for learning how to do prostate massage in this way is to control your orgasm very carefully. When you first start experimenting with prostate massage, you may find that you tend to orgasm very quickly as soon as there’s any penile stimulation. Once you’ve gotten a little more used to it, you should be able to hold out for longer. Now your real training can begin. The idea is to bring yourself right to the brink of orgasm, and then immediately stop all penis stimulation and focus all your thoughts on your prostate as you flex your PC muscles.

It probably goes without saying at this point, but in order to master this method of how to do prostate massage, you’ll need a toy like the Mangasm 7. I recommend this model of the Mangasm because it’s one of the more advanced ones. By the time you’re ready for the Mangasm 7 you should already have well developed PC muscles that can handle the smaller size of this version. From there it’s just a matter of practice until you get the ultimate orgasm!

How to Perform Prostate Massage on Your Partner

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

When we’re talking about prostate massage, it’s pretty much implied that we’re talking about men. Some people refer to the prostate as the “male g-spot,” but that’s because of the pleasure it can provide, not any real similarity to the female g-spot. However, did you know that women actually have a gland in their bodies that is sometimes known as the female prostate? It’s normally called the Skene’s gland, but more and more people are labeling it the female prostate. This means it’s possible to learn how to perform a prostate massage on a woman.

Whether learning how to perform a prostate massage on a woman or man, the process is basically the same. However, you can’t entirely rely on standard prostate massagers when learning how to perform prostate massage on a woman. This is because the female body is different and the location of the female prostate is also changed. Fortunately, there are some alternatives to the standard male toys. As a matter of fact, Aneros produces a set of toys called the Aneros Peridise. This set of two massagers is specifically designed to be unisex.

Just like most standard prostate massagers, the Aneros Peridise set is hands-free and can move automatically with each person’s own body movements. Since the Peridise comes as a paired set, this opens up the opportunity for both partners to use an Aneros simultaneously while engaging in their usual sex acts. It’s perfect for a guy who’s already experienced with prostate massage and wants to teach his partner how to perform prostate massage. The only downside to the Peridise is that it’s a bit more expensive – but you are getting twice the bang for your buck. Definitely recommend for anyone who wants to share the knowledge of how to perform prostate massage.

How to Massage the Prostate During Sex

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

When it comes to prostate massagers, most guys limit themselves to using them only when masturbating. That’s really neglecting one of the most fun things to do with a prostate massager: learning how to massage the prostate during sex. We all agree that sex is better than masturbating, right? So obviously the increased pleasure that you get from learning how to massage the prostate also translates into real sex. Unfortunately, even guys who have learned how to massage the prostate may feel too nervous to ask their woman to engage in any kind of anal play with them. The idea of asking a woman to stick her finger up your butt during sex would probably make most guys blush!

Well, a toy like the Mangasm 2 can really make this sort of experience more attainable. If you know anything about prostate massagers, you’ll know that the Mangasm 2 can be used without having to use your hands. This way, neither partner has to deal with any uncomfortable feelings about directly touching the anus. You don’t have to worry about explaining how to massage the prostate to your woman, either. You just insert the Mangasm 2 as normal and go to town.

Now the only potential downside of this is that you might just orgasm too quickly. This problem solves itself, though. Once you’ve learned how to massage the prostate properly, you’ll find that you can actually improve your sexual stamina naturally through prostate massage. With a little practice, you can even get multiple orgasms which will allow you to keep on going long after you normally would. It takes a little bit of practice to reach that point, but it will totally revolutionize your sex life. You’ll be enjoying yourself, and your woman will be happier too!

How to Give a Prostate Massage to Yourself

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

So many prostate massage guides just beat around the bush constantly. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and explain just how to give a prostate massage to yourself. This is going to assume that you have a good starting prostate massager like the Mangasm 1. Having a toy like that is going to make the process of learning how to give a prostate massage to yourself ten times easier. You might be thinking that the extra flexibility and feedback response you’d get from your finger would be superior, but that’s not the case. Because the Mangasm 1 is contoured to hit your prostate almost automatically, it really is the easiest way to learn how to give a prostate massage to yourself.

The other big advantage to using the Mangasm or a similar toy is that it’s totally hands-free. One of the big roadblocks to learning how to give a prostate massage to yourself is the fact that it’s difficult to focus on stimulating your prostate and your penis at the same time. It’s awkward to have to reach one hand around behind you and probe around for the right spot while also masturbating yourself. Even if you can pull it off, it’s just harder to actually enjoy the experience. With the hands-free Mangasm 1, it does all the work on your prostate so you can concentrate on other pleasures.

You may be asking yourself, “How can it do all the work? It’s not a vibrator or anything!” That’s true. The way it works is that because of its narrow neck, the Mangasm can shift around inside you with each move that you make. So each time your body shifts the head of the toy is applying some pressure to your prostate. So now you can see why a toy is so helpful when learning how to give a prostate massage to yourself.

How to Massage Your Prostate

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

So if you’ve found your way here, maybe you’ve already begun learning how to massage your prostate by yourself with a finger. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but if you’re like me you probably aren’t going to get much real prostate stimulation here. It may be time to try out your first prostate stimulator toy. It’s a pretty niche product, but there are a surprising number of options available. The two best types of prostate massagers for learning how to massage your prostate are the Mangasm and Aneros brands. Both of these companies offer several different versions of their toys. The question is, how do you pick the best one for you?

This part is actually trickier than you might expect. Many guys who haven’t really learned how to stimulate your prostate automatically assume that they are better off going with something small to start with. Prostate massagers are kind of counter-intuitive that way – it’s actually better for beginners to start with a larger model. The logic behind this is as follows: smaller prostate massagers tend to wiggle around freely because beginners don’t have the muscle control to keep them firmly pressed against the prostate. That’s why moderate to large models like the Aneros MGX and the Mangasm 1 are recommend for newbies.

When you’re just starting to learn how to massage your prostate, the larger sizes may seem really scary. You shouldn’t freak out, though. These toys are designed with the male body in mind and to be blunt, the anus is a lot looser than most people think. That said, do remember to be generous with the lubrication, as you should do with all sorts of anal play. The cardinal rule when learning to stimulate your prostate is just to take things slow and steady and only move ahead when you’re ready.

How to Massage a Prostate

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

People are always talking about how to massage a prostate in vague terms, but they don’t talk about not what the prostate actually is and the whole taboo surrounding the practice. Since you’ve still reading this, I’m assuming that you’re not going to let the idea of sticking something up your ass deter you. To be completely honest, it can be a little strange to get used to at first. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. However, most of that discomfort can be overcome with a little bit of lube and having a relaxed mindset. For your first couple of attempts at learning how to massage a prostate, you may want to try just using your finger.

Even if you opt to just use a finger to start with, you’ll immediately start to feel some pleasure. Actually, even if you’re not hitting the prostate, the anal stimulation alone can be really nice. That said, to actually hit the prostate you do need to go up quite a ways, which may be difficult if you have shorter arms or fingers. If you find that you have trouble with this, then you can learn how to massage a prostate from the outside by rubbing the perineum (also known as the taint). That can be quite nice in itself, but to really learn how to massage a prostate you have to go internal.

Now I’ve been talking about some ways to go about learning how to massage a prostate, but I haven’t even explained why you should even bother with this practice! The short answer is this: much better sex and better prostate health. Even just a little stimulation of the prostate can result in some massive orgasms, and once you’ve mastered the technique you can reach new heights of pleasure. On top of that awesomeness, you can even achieve multiple orgasms, more powerful erections and even improve your sexual stamina!

How to Massage Prostate Gland for a Better Orgasm

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

It’s a simple fact that the average man in this day and age doesn’t really think about how to massage prostate glands and get better orgasms. A big part of this is that average man just doesn’t know anything about it. When anyone mentions the prostate, it’s usually an older guy talking about getting it checked for cancer. There’s so much more to the prostate than that, though. Let me cut to the chase and explain why you should learn how to massage prostate glands. In short: it can improve you sex life a ton.

I hope I don’t need much more than that to sell you on learning how to massage prostate glands. Before I discuss more about that, I want to go over some basic information on the prostate gland just so we’re all on the same page. The prostate gland is a little gland roughly the size of a walnut and it is found resting up against the wall of your rectum. This little gland has some important sexual functions, such as producing about one third of the fluid that semen consists of. It’s really not too surprising that a little prostate stimulation can help your sex life, the trouble is just getting to a place where you can stimulate it. And now we come to why most men don’t want to learn how to massage prostate glands: because you have to stick something up your ass to do it.

Try not to let this little taboo throw you. While a lot of prostate massage toys do have phallic shapes, there’s nothing gay about learning how to massage prostate glands. I’ll confess, I used to be a little weirded out by the whole idea to. But I got over it and my sex life has never been better than it is today.