How To Massage Prostate

How to Massage the Prostate During Sex

June 25th, 2010Posted by admin

When it comes to prostate massagers, most guys limit themselves to using them only when masturbating. That’s really neglecting one of the most fun things to do with a prostate massager: learning how to massage the prostate during sex. We all agree that sex is better than masturbating, right? So obviously the increased pleasure that you get from learning how to massage the prostate also translates into real sex. Unfortunately, even guys who have learned how to massage the prostate may feel too nervous to ask their woman to engage in any kind of anal play with them. The idea of asking a woman to stick her finger up your butt during sex would probably make most guys blush!

Well, a toy like the Mangasm 2 can really make this sort of experience more attainable. If you know anything about prostate massagers, you’ll know that the Mangasm 2 can be used without having to use your hands. This way, neither partner has to deal with any uncomfortable feelings about directly touching the anus. You don’t have to worry about explaining how to massage the prostate to your woman, either. You just insert the Mangasm 2 as normal and go to town.

Now the only potential downside of this is that you might just orgasm too quickly. This problem solves itself, though. Once you’ve learned how to massage the prostate properly, you’ll find that you can actually improve your sexual stamina naturally through prostate massage. With a little practice, you can even get multiple orgasms which will allow you to keep on going long after you normally would. It takes a little bit of practice to reach that point, but it will totally revolutionize your sex life. You’ll be enjoying yourself, and your woman will be happier too!