How To Massage Prostate

How to Massage Prostate Yourself: Advanced Concepts

June 25th, 2010Posted by admin

Perhaps the wildest thing about learning how to massage prostate yourself is that there are always new ways to improve the experience and reach new levels of intense pleasure. A lot of this has to do with the PC muscles, which are the muscles that control the anal sphincter. As you continue to learn how to massage prostate yourself, you’ll find that these muscles will grow stronger over time. It will be subtle and barely noticeable at first, but if you actually concentrate on manipulating them you’ll notice that you can do so much easier than you could have before.

Now what does this actually do for you? Well, it won’t do a whole lot just on its own. In order to really take advantage of having stronger PC muscles, you need to have the right prostate massager toy. If you have something like the Aneros MGX or Aneros Progasm, then you’ll find that those toys are already so large that they don’t really have any room to move. What you need is a smaller toy like the Aneros Eupho. This advanced prostate massage is instrumental in learning advanced methods of how to massage prostate yourself. By no means should you try to jump into it with the Eupho right away – you’ve got to work your way to it.

Once you’ve spent some time learning how to massage prostate yourself, you can move on to the Eupho. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it will be to achieve the ultimate orgasm using a toy like this. And again, your muscles will just keep getting stronger which opens up even more possibilities. For instance, a lot of men have been able to feel intense pleasures from simply flexing their PC muscles, even while they’re doing something non-sexual like driving to work. Definiately makes all the work of learning how to prostate massage yourself worth it!